Friday, November 2, 2007

National Novel Writer's Month has Officially Started

So just consider me a lost cause.

I have found in the few hours since it has started that I cannot eat limitless amounts of chocolate and write at the same time. Since I am slow but not entirely stupid I figured out the correlation between feeling sleepy and irritable and my bad diet after a couple of days. Bah humbug. I need to drop everything and run down for carrot sticks and celery...and how come eggplant is starting to sound appealing? And I have this almost overwhelming desire to kick the treadmill out of retirement. Hm.

On the other (and immensely warty) hand, I did get in a couple thousand words yesterday and there are still a few hours left in this day, so I don't think I'll fall too far behind. And if I actually get on that treadmill I'm going to feel a whole lot better. I won't necessarily be able to kick all the after-effects of a chocolate binge, but I'm going for mentally alert and that has a fighting chance.

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