Saturday, May 3, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Love the United States Postal Service

They called me Tuesday to pick up a box of peeping, squeaking ducklings that had been shipped out Monday. All of them healthy, happy, and not terribly sure about the strange woman who chirped at them all the way home.

A breeding pair of Khaki Campbells. 8 Cayugas -- 6 females, one male, and an extra that hasn't declared itself yet. (The hatcheries sometimes ship an extra in case of mailing mortality.)

Since they aren't feathered yet and it's still cold in these parts (newly-hatched quackers need about 90 degree temperature to feel comfy), they're spending the nights in a Rubbermaid storage bin and their days in my tub under the cosy red light of a brooding lamp. They've grown like weeds in the last few days and their tail feathers are starting to come in.

The last parts for my hoop house have also come in; no excuses now, I have to build that duck run.

Monday. Today I have a field trip to CalEarth that is part of a birthday party for a friend of the Banshees. Sunday I have park day with another friend of the Banshees. Monday I ship Banshees off to a babysitter (who happens to be the mother of two of the Banshees' friends) and I get a few blissful hours where I can concentrate utterly and wholely on a project.

Yeah. Homeschoolers. Unsocialized. Totally.


Bobbi said...

Duckies!!!! How darling, I want to see pictures!!

Bobbi said...

I am glad you got your new duckies today.