Sunday, May 25, 2008

Almost There

On occasion a duck will hatch and still not have absorbed all of the egg yolk. (This can be due to too high a temperature or an over-eager midwife. Poor Quacker.) When this happens, you're supposed to keep the duck as still as possible and as humid as possible. Hence, measuring cup and wet paper towels and tucked back in the incubator as soon as the photo op was finished. This one is now out of the measuring cup and the rest of the egg but its belly button is still a bit distended. I'll rest a lot better when everything is where its supposed to be.

Egg Number 2 is a-rockin' and a-rollin' and we're expecting great things tomorrow. I get the funniest feeling that this one is going to be a dark duck, which is cool -- it's LIVE duck that I'm really rooting for.

The hatching of Egg Number 1 was marred by the loss of one of the Cayugas. We don't really know what happened, but given the set of symptoms we're worried about the rest of the Quackers. It could have been a bit of moldy feed and a particularly vulnerable duck, or it could be a contagious disease and the possibility of losing the whole flock. Now I'm nibbling the other set of fingernails up to the elbow. If everybody is still healthy in seven days I'll let out the breath that I'm holding right now.

More pics tomorrow if Hatchling Number 1 has continued breathing and will hold still long enough. They're called runners for a reason, folks!


Bobbi said...

This is sounding so hard, I didn't think it was still going to be so hard. I hope like heck you have much success with the rest of them. I hope, I just can't bear it if you lose more.

Lynnie said...

Wow, I've never known that to happen before! At least now I know what to do. Did that duck make it? We hatched chicken and duck eggs this past month. All the chicken eggs did well, but a lot of the duck eggs weren't fertile.
Nice photos!

Stephanie said...

The duck did indeed make it, and may have to have lead weights tied to its legs to get it to slow down. This is the most curious, most energetic duck I've met since I started collecting them (ohhh, about 4 weeks ago...? LOL!)