Sunday, May 4, 2008

Candling: An Important Point

Candle your eggs.

Candle ALL of your eggs.

I didn't candle the runner duck eggs. The suspicious looking one that I was going to candle tonight blew up before I could. The smell is not insignificant, but I've had three babies -- I am comfortable with my ability to handle the smell. It's the bacteria load that's been put on the remaining (hopefully) still-viable eggs that's got me chewing fingernails up to my elbow.

St. Vidicon, meet St. Francis. You think you guys can work together on this one?


Bobbi said...

OMG.......OMG. ulp, better luck with the other ones..ulp.

KnitWithTammy said...

Is that suppose to be St. Vicodin?

Good luck with the other duckies.:)

Stephanie said...

LOL, Tammy! It is St. Vidicon, patron saint of everyone who has to work with anything remotely electronic, but St. Vicodin is someone I definitely want to add to the pantheon. With that trio on board, there's got to be a healthy bird in there somewhere!