Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chewing Fingernails Up To The Elbow

I have but one viable runner duck egg. I've been using my nifty new candler on it, that's how I know it's still viable.

Yesterday I could see the duckling moving a little.

This morning it was a very active little wriggler.

This evening it had pierced the inner mebrane, a necessary first step for breaking out of the egg.

I'm hoping tomorrow it will manage to get a beak out of the shell.

Oh yeah. And I'm a nervous wreck.

Did I mention that hatching can take days?? I think I'm going to pull out that dog-eared copy of Good Omens, pull out a chair next to the incubator, and make like an expectant father.

Pics to follow if I'm not shaking too hard to get good ones.

1 comment:

Bobbi said...

OOH, I hope to hear good news. Since you haven't posted, I am not sure about that. How many runner eggs were there?