Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dinner and Mashed Potatoes

I told the Banshees that I was going to name the new ducklings Dinner and Mashed Potatoes. They seemed to think that those were inappropriate appellations, I can't for the life of me think why. So, for the record, they are now known as Sir Edmund Hilary and To Be Announced, TBA for short.

Left: TBA, Right: Sir Edmund Hilary

Sir Edmund may or may not be accurately named, genderly-speaking, but temperamentally it's dead on. I've never known a duck so determined to get to the top of things and he/she is very nearly as curious as a mongoose. TBA is much more laid-back.

For the record, Sir Edmund is the duckling pictured in the cup and among the eggs , and the duckling that EB is holding is TBA. They're even cuter in person.

But I still think we should have named them Dinner and Mashed Potatoes.....

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Bobbi said...

Cute little guys; can't think of them as food when they have been so hard to hatch and live.