Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Other Events That Cause Moms to Run Screaming Into the Night

When I candled last night to make sure that all of the remaining eggs were okay, it turned out that they weren't. I still have a couple of Silver Appleyards that are just (pardon the pun) ducky, but the rest of the eggs have quit developing and are getting very dark. I'm going to candle again tonight and if there isn't any movement, deep-six the unfortunates. Bah. Those temperature swings were bound to take their toll but I was hoping down through my toenails that they wouldn't. I also had to get rid of a runner duck egg that simply wasn't developing; that's not nearly as heartbreaking as having to make the call on something that had already shown potential. Some of the runner ducks are showing development but I couldn't detect heartbeat. I'm gritting my teeth and hoping that at least one duck out of the dozen I've been cultivating manages to hatch out. I don't want to be posting that "And Then There Were None" piece. I also accept that Mama Nature, while resilient, is a tough, unsentimental anthropomorphic personification who is willing to throw in the towel when circumstances demand it. I, however, am terribly sentimental and not at all tough. Hatch, darn it.

I wonder what the going rate on kidneys is? Because trading one for one of these:

is beginning to sound very appealing.


thrrrnbush said...

You have my sympathy, I know you really wanted each and every egg to be a duck and you gave them love and care accordingly. On the other hand even respectable professional hatcheries have to scratch a batch from time to time. Thus your heavily cayuga bevy, they were your third choice duck for your primary layers, but that's what the hatchery hatched.

I suggest you hold off and see if you can reasonably manage culling the herd you have now, before you sell that kidney. You still have viable eggs and ten ducklings running 'round your greenhouse. There's a limit to how many layers one family needs and while I have faith in your ability to meet the necessary challenges I'm not sure how hungry you'd have to be to turn your ducks to meat. It's just a thought, but generally the voice of reason is in a decibel you're deaf to and that's part of your charm.

Bobbisox said...

AWWWW, all that work, all that effort. I hope that you have success with what remaining viable eggs you have.

Stephanie said...

"...the voice of reason is in a decibel you're deaf to...."

hrmph. I resemble that remark! I also probably should have read it before I bid on another batch of Appleyards. Poor DBS.

Thanks, Bobbi. I detected heartbeat on one of the runners this morning. Here's hoping it hatches and that it isn't pigmentally challenged :D.