Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Too Early In The Morning To Run Screaming Into The Night

We've gotten our annual love-letter from the county and now have about a month to get rid of the brush. The good news? DBS has finally figured out that maybe, just maybe, weeding early and often might stave such love notes off and that he is now miraculously available to do this once a week. I checked fingerprints. He's definitely not a pod person....

To be fair to the man, he's never been a yard-work person. He still thinks we ought to put a heavy kill-all-growing-things poison on the back-yard or, failing that, just put down asphalt. He reluctantly agreed that 1. we have growing things, i.e. Banshees, and poison probably isn't the best thing to start generously strewing around and 2. asphalt is prohibitively expensive with the back yard as large as it is. Besides, now we have ducks and they don't do any better on the blacktop than the Banshees do. It's just one of those things. (Besides which, there's reason number 3, otherwise known as these "solutions" wouldn't make Mom happy, and we all know that if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Also just one of those things.) Several things have conspired against him -- one of which is that busting his rump once a year is not his favorite pastime. We are finally reaching the point where we know know that we really can't afford outside distractions anymore and he's the type that likes to stay busy. The fact that whenever a parent blinks, a child grows six inches is also a factor. Did I also mention that we have done the Bohemian, ignore-it-all-and-let-time-figure-it-out method of housework/yardwork to the point of utter exhaustion and we're in the mood for matching towels...that we can find??

Oh yes, and let's not forget the $5 gas and the staple food prices that have tripled in the last six months. As if we could.

So the ducks that I asked for in order to have something to feed perfectly good tomato worms to are starting to sound like an interesting proposition. And the garden that I've been promising myself for the last twelve years might actually become a viable option. I might be able to swing that pressure canner for Christmas, if I'm realllllly lucky. DBS has stopped growling when I start shopping for real estate that we can't afford, because he knows I'm basically looking for a small homestead in an area where I don't have to worry about getting a permit for the livestock. (Did I mention that I've been looking at miniature cows? Everybody has a dream; mine involves miniature Jerseys.) All of this adds up to something that I have been wanting forever and just about three days: a family that is beginning to look inward for the ingenuity to keep themselves busy and entertained instead of outward to (rather expensive) distractions. My dream is to spend several hours in the garden poking at the green beans, or tending ducks, or painting the house....just about anything other than wasting that time staring at a screen. I've already threatened the ducks with Tolstoy. They appear to be unimpressed. Maybe they know something I don't!

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Bobbi said...

Happy to hear that your DBS is going to help with the yard; mine can't be kept OUT of it; he is getting up at 4:00am!! tomorrow morning so rip up the raised beds and re-do them. Today starts his 2 weeks of leave. I however am planning on getting an air conditioner tomorrow. Dunno who will win.