Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Lieu of Everything Else I Have to Do

I have in-laws coming tomorrow and a house that looks like it ought to be condemned. I'm too old for all-nighters but it looks like I've signed up for yet another one.

Oh yeah. And I have a tie that I need to knit before tomorrow.

All of this pales beside the horrible and unavoidable conclusion that I came to earlier today:

I have to get on a schedule. I have to. Because apparently MB desperately needs his every footstep dogged until he gets impulse control (yeah, wasn't that the thing that powered the Enterprise? It makes even more sense when you realize that this tyke does everything at warp 10.) So in between frantic knitting and sewing (oh yeah, promised a knitting bag too) and cleaning, I have to put up a schedule that the two of us can keep. EB and LB are just going to have to go along for the ride.

Worser and worser: MB is a morning person. So this schedule is going to have to start on his time and I'm going to have to be there to supervise. I mean, I'm actually going to have to be conscious. Life is unfair.

On the other hand, maybe this will get the house clean. Finally. Because if this doesn't do it, it's time to call Niecy.

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