Sunday, September 7, 2008

About That Schedule Thingy...

Actually, the schedule thingy is working out pretty well, thankyouverymuch. It isn't perfect and we're falling off of the wagon often enough to need bungee cords, but what the heck. It's a start

Fer instance -- and I have at least one friend who understands this very, very well --the kitchen is clean. Not perfect clean, not eat-off-the-counters-clean, not yet, but clean as in there is not one dirty dish in the entire room and it's been like that for days. DAYS.

I can't tell you how much that means to me. Me, who, I kid you not, once went more than a year without having all of my dishes done at the same time. Granted, I'd just birthed three children in four years and I guarantee you that messes up your brain like nobody's business, much less your housework. But still. Progress, little itsy bitsy progress is being made and it's actually staying made. I impress myself.

When I started laying out The Schedule I knew things were going to have to get switched and swatched and swapped around. Since we weren't doing anything in any sort of order, I maintain that it's bloody well impossible to figure out what the natural order is supposed to be before you dive in and start creating it. So clearing out the dining room got bumped to just after morning dishes (natch!) and just before picking up the living room. And I had to postpone the whole thing for a couple of hours because everybody but my preternaturally diurnal boy is sleeping in later than I realized. Whee! (He should be, I know he should be, I can tell by the shadows under his eyes that MB needs sleep, but the boy's eyes fly open when the sun hits his windows and there's nothing that can be done about that. I can a. spike his morning milk, b. put blackout curtains up, c. move his room to the sunset side of the house, or d. adjust the schedule to fit this child's rhythms better. A. is ethically questionable and probably illegal, B. requires sewing and we haven't gotten as far as reorganizing my sewing cabinet yet, C. is impossible unless I want to give up the master bedroom (and the spouse would object even if I didn't), so D. looks like the winner. I swear, when they all graduate into the big wide world and have apartments and lives of their own, I'm sleeping for a week. Then I'm going to get up, fix a big breakfast, clean the dishes, and go back to sleep for another week.


Having the kitchen clean has sort of naturally lead to having the dining room table cleared off -- we've had more meals together as a family this week that I can remember in a long, long time. And I've found the paper mache materials, so goodness' knows what sort of trouble we're going to get into next week. Probably not too much, considering that I haven't cleared my desk yet and that's where the balloons are (first project is going to be wrapping wet, gooey, sticky strips of newspaper around a balloon in an effort to make a small piggy bank. Yes, I know, but the point is not to have a functioning bank, it's to have fun.)

We've been getting rid of books to the point where our local library cringes deeply when they see us coming. We don't just have a stray bag or two of books, we have bins and bins and bins of books that have come up short in the must-have-them competitions. I don't like getting rid of books, it goes against every instinct that I have -- BUT -- there are 5 people living a fairly small house. Something's going to have to go, and as I'm fond of telling the children, some 15 or 16 hours of labor (distributed among three births) and no painkillers...I'm not giving them up for anything.

The anesthesia-free births were not my idea, thanks. I hate pain, I'm allergic to pain, I don't want to feel pain if I don't have to. Unfortunately, circumstances conspired against me. Ladies, those of you who do natural childbirth willingly -- y'all deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor.

But giving up the books has proven less painful than I believed it was going to be. There's something about having room to move, space to set projects down in, open shelving to put things back on -- ooh, I get tingling feelings up and down my spine. We'll never be spartan around here, but The Schedule has been a wonderful idea.

Let's hope I can keep going with it!

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