Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does Bloody Exhausted Ring A Bell?

Pictures are coming, Tammy. I promise. I swear I took some, and I even think I know where the camera went to but oh my goodness have I come down with a case of tired.

I would do yard work for three straight days in a row. Without being coerced by a love note from the county, no less. And I'm about as in shape for a homo sa
pien as Jabba the Hut, so yanking fencing around and rearranging protesting quackers is bound to take its toll...and we won't mention (much) about all of the brush and the dead tree limbs that I've been trying to clear, dismember, and toss in the nearest empty trash receptacle. Muscles that I forgot I even had are protesting.

It's just that...I got tired of other things, much more tired of them than I could possibly be of yard work. Or house work. And no, I'm not going to send you my fingerprints to prove I'm not a pod person, you're just going to have to take my word for it. I don't want to be Jabba forever, and while I know I'll never have the bod of an 18-year-old again, I should realllllly like to have the body of a moderately in-shape 42-year-old. I also have a yard and a house that are both suffering from me being very busy with Other Things for the last decade. Couple that with the fact that my treadmill has died an ignominious
death and I have the perfect Homeschooling Workout For The Mad(asincrazy)SAHM. Clear the brush, arrange the quackers, and both dig and plant a Victory Garden. In this case, if I get to eat anything at all from my efforts that will be victory enough.

The ducks had to be rearranged for safety's sake; the drake:duck ratio finally caught up with me and showed its ugly face. If I didn't want to lose any ducks to the drakes' predations, the drakes had to get bachelors' quarters. Well, they're in their new digs and they are NOT happy about it. Neither are several of the ducks, who apparently had favorites in the newly-cordoned off group. It's sort of like Lysistrata for the Anas set.

Now I'm going to clear out the bathtub, which, since it's the only place that's big enough to clean brewing equipment is currently full of carboys. Then I'm going to gently boil myself and go to bed. Tomorrow is going to arrive far too early....

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