Sunday, February 5, 2012

Place Holders

I like writing great big long posts. Since few people other than myself actually read them I get to indulge in all sorts of nonsense. It is all by its lonesome, quite wonderful.

The long posts, however, take long times to write. And there are days when I don't have the time to write all of what's in my head into a post. There are also days when, horror of horrors, I don't actually have a lot I want to say. Nevertheless, I still want to write something each and every day, or even each and every other day. I need to build momentum. I need to built a habit. Damn it, I need to write. So I've got place holders. Random musings. Short comments. Occasionally wailing (don't knock it, it has kept me out of the headlines more than once).

So, the Place Holders for Superbowl Sunday (and more importantly, DBS's birthday):

I have to make a birthday cake for DBS. Okay, I don't really need to need to, but he's a good guy and deserves some recognition around here. But I'm not going to bake a full one, neither he nor I nor Banshees need to be eating birthday cake for days. I'm going to bake a glorified cupcake that serves 5 and spread it with cream cheese icing and we'll all love it and it will go away.

I need to make salsa before the game. Technically I already did, but that was two days ago and despite making about three quarts of the stuff Friday it's all gone now. I suspect the scientific term for what happened was that it was completely inhaled by the other four members of the household, despite having a tad too much cilantro and having gone a couple of serranos too far. So, more serranos, more cilantro, more tomatoes, good grief did I really run us out of lime? I also need to make more hummus and chop up some dipping veggies. I love potato chips and sour cream dips, but considering that I need to lose 110 pounds and I need to grow Banshees in such a way that they never get to the same point, the traditional chips'n'dip needs to be quietly sidelined. We're still going to overeat today, but I figure that it's going to have a lower overall calorie count and be more nutritious. And I have those walking exercise dvds that are slowly and in fits and starts becoming a part of everyday life. As much as I'd like to pull a 180 on my lifestyle it isn't going to happen. Only slow and steady and incremental changes have any chance at all of lasting forever, so slow and steady and incremental it is. Homemade pizza and hummus and veggies and salsa and homemade bread and corn chips (okay, the corn chips aren't the healthiest choice, but baby steps, baby steps) instead of a commercial pizza and potato chips and sour cream dip and soda for Superbowls. Gentle exercise every day instead of no exercise at all.

Yesterday I managed to lure in (okay, I mentioned and they all yelped enthusiastically) a friend and his children to my incipient D&D universe. Friend has played before and sounds like he's DM'd his share of games, so I hope he's patient with my stumbling about. My mantra is that it's supposed to be fun, and we'll just roll with that. So now, with luck, we've got a monthly D&D meeting. Yayy. I supposed MB is going to make me have weekly meets as well with just the Banshees and DBS. I draw the line at nightly. At least, I hope I do. We're just going to have to see.

And lastly, I hope it's as good a game as the last time these two teams met in the superbowl and I hope it has the same ending.

Oh goody. It looks like MB is finally done with the kitchen so I can start food prep. I'm hungry, need breakfast!

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