Friday, August 24, 2012


Just got back from the feed store and was dumping a 50 pound bag of lay crumble into the metal container I keep my feeds in, and down at the bottom of this huge back were huge moldy lumps. Whiskey tango? Called the feed store up and they said, bring the bag back in. Um, can't, just dumped it into a metal bin? Okay, come by tomorrow and get a new one. We had some get wet, sorry for the inconvenience, etc.

I like this place. They've been a great feed store for me for more than three years now, closer to four if I want to think about it too hard, and we haven't had too many glitches in that time. But selling a bag you knew had gotten wet (and this thing had to have gotten pretty wet around the bottom!), I dunno. Will give you the benefit of the doubt. But ick.

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