Thursday, August 23, 2012

Much Ado About Nada

Our little freezer has been cleaned and now I have to find it a permanent home. Ack. Our big freezer (unplugged because 1. we don't have the money to keep it filled and 2. don't have enough money to keep it on) is taking up room in the garage. No, I'm not getting rid of it. I live in hope, and besides, it was a gift from my father. I'm sure I could clean out more room in the garage but it's hot out there and I'd like to put the little freezer someplace where it won't have to work so hard. That's probably going to mean some place in the house but who knows where. We're kind of stuffed to bursting now.

Also on the agenda some time this week is cleaning out the big freezer. Not looking forward to it, but very much looking forward to it being clean. That way if we ever do get dug out of this mountainous pile of debt and I get a little monetary breathing room, I can use the thing again.

I need to get the MB's birthday present into the shop so it can get a new tire and inner tube - he's getting my old bicycle, the one I never ever use, and clearly from that never ever use there is some decay evident. So, new inner tubes, new tire, a little clean up around the gills. Also need to get DBS's bike into the shop for new inner tubes. He never ever rides it either but swears this time will be different. Hey, maybe I can get them all to go on long bike rides on Saturdays and I'll have some time of blissful silence. I'll probably fritter away the moments by doing nothing, but on the other hand I could use it productively in writing, or housekeeping, or annoying the ducks.

Some time today I need to get to the post office to forward some mail on to my brother. Some of his orders were already enroute by the time he got laid off and set his nose East, so they got here after he'd already gotten there. I'm finding it hard to peel myself from the computer, as usual, but I'll get it done and get on with other things. Like moving the duck pen so we can have a win/win over the weed situation (I get fewer weeds, the ducks get a snack).

We're not going to park day. Again. I miss the park day. I hope to go again some day. But I've still got Banshees with personal hygiene issues. ("What? I'm supposed to brush my hair? Every day?? And wash it too? Oh, the humanity!") I've still got Banshees who happily cover the dining room table with dishes, books, and toys, and then abandon the lot to play elsewhere ("What? When did the rule about picking up after ourselves go into effect? Really?!? As long ago as that?"). Guys, by the end of this year I will no longer have even a single child in the single digit age bracket. I'm pretty sure y'all can figure out how to pick up after yourselves. The problem is, and I'm totally, completely, and utterly at fault here, is that I keep getting between them and the consequences of their behavior. I know they don't want to lose xyz but there are no consequences so far beyond mom reminding them to pick up and yelling when they don't. I think a few xyz's are going to go into the trash before the Banshees realize that yes, as a matter of fact, picking up after yourself is a vital skill in this household.

To distract myself in the meantime, I have to remind myself that there are quite a few cleaning projects of my own that have gone begging because I spend so much time getting between Banshees and consequences. My desk needs to be redone. Desperately. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if a natural spot for the little freezer wouldn't be exactly where I've got my home office area right now. The only thing keeping me from moving everything is the internet connection...but I'm sure there's a way around that. Longer cable? Installing Wi-fi capacity on the computer? It's not like I do a lot of online gaming, so latency wouldn't be as much of an issue. Hm. Food for thought.

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