Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trout Duck Blues

The one source I thought I had - the one that, if she ever showed up on ebay again, I was sure was I going to get Trout hatching eggs, has informed me that she sold her stock off a little while ago.

I can't print what I said next, not if I want to keep this a friendly blog. I just wish I'd known she was getting out of the Trouts when she was getting out of them, because I might have nice little flock by now. But - well, these things happen. I'll keep looking. Right now the only place I know that sells hatching eggs or stock is in Texas and they don't ship anything. Not eggs, not adult birds, nada. Phooey. You know you have an obsession with a bird when it's beginning to look like your only options to getting one are taking a round trip train ride to San Antonio for hatching eggs (carrying along an incubator you can use on said train) or flying to Britain to negotiate the importation of a breeding flock - and that these options might necessitate selling off a kidney -and it sounds like a perfectly reasonable solution.

If I had the room I'd buy a batch of the lady's Grey Runners. They are also very good looking birds and she has been wonderfully helpful. Unfortunately, until I win the lottery and move into better digs, I have to be careful about my bird acquisitions, and that means I either give up on the Trouties altogether, or hang in there until I can find what I want. Ah well. Hang in there it is.

I hear Britain is lovely this time of year :).

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