Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Short One

I'm sitting here thinking I shouldn't be sitting here - because I know I've been using the computer and the internet as hiding places so I don't have to think about my life outside the electrics. 

Short summary: Our finances suck. Awfully. We're in beans'n'rice and whatever we can scrounge up out of the back yard territory. Our fixed expenses are getting paid but there is precious little left over. So that means one of my primary escapes has got to get cut off at the knees. I can't hide in the internet all day, every day, because that costs us money in electricity. On the bright side, that leaves me time for a massive gardening effort. Between the loss of my sedentary lifestyle and my home-grown food initiative, I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose weight and, more importantly, gain a bunch more muscle and endurance. I like endurance. I like the idea of having stamina again. So, while I have to mourn my delusions, I also get to celebrate new beginnings. These are my own silver linings - hey, so I don't have the gas money to get to my ridiculously cheap gym. I have a huge yard that I can dig up, sift through, refill, and plant things in! I have trees - some need coddling, some need killing, and both are going to take some work, and work means I'm going to lose weight. Lost weight means I'm going to have the energy to work a little harder and a little longer. And there may be radishes at the end of this tunnel....

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