Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Literature: Or, How To Torture Your Children

I mentioned to the offspring how a certain music video always reminds me of The Masque Of The Red Death (Gorillaz, Feel Good, Inc.). Naturally, they looked at me as if I was suddenly growing yet another skull so I had to go find a copy of the story and, upon finding, promptly began to read it to to them ("Mom, is this a terribly long story?")

No, actually, it isn't. But it is dreadfully unsettling - or, as EB put it, "Man, that's creepy."

"Yes," I said happily, "That's Edgar Allan Poe!" Whereupon I searched out Christopher Walken's version of The Raven, googled up a copy of same, and let them read while Mr. Walken provided audio.

Just for the record, I'm putting this in the "Things To Do Around Halloween" file.

Oooh, look, James Earl Jones has a rendition!

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