Thursday, February 26, 2015


Since most of my deep dark ugly gripings are going to be confined to the 3k A Day Project - which is purely personal griping and therefore nonbloggable - I thought I would branch out to other subjects that I can talk about without annoying myself unduly.

I did not make a single New Year's Resolution. No, I waited until the end of January before realizing that I had, in fact, collected a whole bunch of projects that I wanted to get done this year. Because life is short and, if I'm lucky and remain in good health the whole time, I might have two and a half decades left. If I'm unlucky I could get hit by space debris this afternoon and the whole thing will be moot anyway. But between this afternoon and 25 years hence, there are a few things I'd like to achieve.

I want to get better at sewing, and I want to sew stuff I'm going to wear, and I want to do it this year. This does, of course, mean taking me as I am now and not some hypothetical skinnier creature I might be in the future. Of course I might be skinnier in the future, but that's then, this is now, and if I lose weight then I'll sew myself new clothes. The hazy projects I have in my head include titles like Mrs. Claus and Edwardian Librarian - heck, I think I've liked late Victorian/Edwardian costume since before I even knew there was such a thing. I want to make nice dress shirts and sturdy work shirts and pajamas and other such fripperies. I ordered patterns for a corset and a bra, because I generally start with complicated projects and work my way into simpler things. (A corset?!? I'm still wondering why I have to do things the hard way.)

I want to learn how to draw, to work with polymer clay, and I want to learn how to make fences and gates. That isn't as non-sequitur as it may sound, but I'm not sure I have the terminology to explain myself succinctly. I am a metal worker. I like metal. It behaves itself around me, or it would if I could talk to it more clearly, but I like it. I'm more natural with metal than I am with wood. Wood argues with me and wins most of the time. I want to make forged metal gates and I want to make them art - so far I'm really attracted to art nouveau stylings, the simpler flowy styles, not the stiffer and busier and rococo bits. I don't have the money for the gear and I don't have space for the works and I don't have the freedom for a learning curve, but yeah, gates and fences in forged metal appeal. They go along with my Practical Artwork leanings. More on that anon.

I want to get my room, my house, and my yard decluttered and in working order, and in just about that order. I'll never be organized, but life will be simpler if I don't have to wade through several cubic feet of detritus to get to what I want. I'll probably have more workspace too, once I've gotten through the general noise.

Oh, yeah. I have 14 containers of yarn. I want to knit through half of that by December 20-something. I don't want my heirs to have to deal with Stash Mountain.

I want to soap more and make lipbalm and write.

Late in the day and fairly late in my life I think I've discovered that I'm a latent artist. Maybe not a full fledged one, or maybe just an unskilled one that needs a lot of practice, but I like to create beautiful practical things.

This is the year I've decided to actually get better at doing them.

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