Monday, April 13, 2015

expletives deleted

IRS says we're only entitled to half of what my math said we're entitled to. Actually, I'll take their word for this because presumably they understand the forms better than I do. But ouch, that hurts. My crazy is because I've been doing our taxes for years and they've just been getting more complicated. I'm a reasonably intelligent human being but this has gotten ridiculous. Our money flow doesn't change that much from year to year but the paperwork for handling not-making-much-money has gotten multiplied. I wish the Feds would just do the taxes for people under a certain income since they already have the information (seriously, if they've got enough info to know I didn't dot an i or cross a t and I didn't carry the 1 or subtract the 0, then they've got enough info to do my taxes without me having to do the April 15th Hokey Pokey).

Gah. Feel miserable. DBS was so counting on that money :(.

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