Sunday, November 25, 2007

november 25, 2007

we never know we are going to say goodbye

even when we know this parting is coming
even when we practice again and again
the word may fall from our lips with ease
every scenario repetitively run through in our brains
and our hearts have braced against inevitability

we never know

just when the doorway down the hall will softly close
the window in another room softly slide into place
and something that was always, is now foreclosed

there is no grace in grief
only hard jumbled feelings
unexpected impassible barriers
sharp edges where once we were whole

Friday, November 2, 2007

National Novel Writer's Month has Officially Started

So just consider me a lost cause.

I have found in the few hours since it has started that I cannot eat limitless amounts of chocolate and write at the same time. Since I am slow but not entirely stupid I figured out the correlation between feeling sleepy and irritable and my bad diet after a couple of days. Bah humbug. I need to drop everything and run down for carrot sticks and celery...and how come eggplant is starting to sound appealing? And I have this almost overwhelming desire to kick the treadmill out of retirement. Hm.

On the other (and immensely warty) hand, I did get in a couple thousand words yesterday and there are still a few hours left in this day, so I don't think I'll fall too far behind. And if I actually get on that treadmill I'm going to feel a whole lot better. I won't necessarily be able to kick all the after-effects of a chocolate binge, but I'm going for mentally alert and that has a fighting chance.