Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aaaaand Out The Other Side Of The Rabbit Hole

Short Version: The Banshees didn't do too well with their experiment with "more structure".

As in: They absolutely sucked at it. I think they were astonished at all of the work they were expected to do on a daily basis. One by one, they fell out of sync with the online charter's system, and one by one they were withdrawn as it became clear they couldn't handle the overwhelming amount of homework they were expected to do. This was a very difficult time for all of us. The online charter was - well, it was a behemoth, lumbering along at its own pace, content with its pattern of dealing with the universe, and completely indifferent to those who might have problems dealing with what it wanted of them. My kids did not hit the ground running, could not adapt fast enough to cope, and they got run over.

On the bright side, they do not give me any more grief over the work I assign. They've seen what it could be like. I don't assign busywork, and I don't insist they keep up to an arbitrarily furious pace. I insist on work (and I'm getting less resistance to it these days) and I help them to understand the material instead of just learning to regurgitate it at regular intervals.

It isn't easy. There are days when I wonder if anything I'm telling them stops long enough between their ears to make an impression. Parenting, however, takes place on a geologic time scale: Sometimes what you're looking for creeps up on you so gradually you don't realize it has arrived until years later.